Receding Gum Treatment

Gum Recession Can Be Painful! Now There’s A Simple Way To LIFT The Gums Back Onto Your Teeth WITHOUT Grafting, Stitches, Or A Scalpel.

The Gums Back Onto Your Teeth WITHOUT Grafting Dr. Peter S.Young

These are long-term results achieved in one visit.

obtained without grafting or stitches Dr. Peter S.Young

(These results were all obtained without grafting or stitches). Come see me next week! These are just some pictures of what we CAN do, but more importantly I would love to see you so I can see how I can help YOU. Let’s chat in the office!

Gum Lift®- Free Consultation.

Come Learn if the Gum Lift Procedure is Right for You.

You no longer have to GRAFT your receding gum line. The Pinhole Technique® allows you to LIFT the tissue back onto your teeth using collagen. Come learn more about it in our office.
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If You’ve Ever Had A Gum Graft, You Know It’s Really Painful. The Gum LIFT Changes All Of This. You’ll Be Amazed At What A Gum LIFT Can Do For Your Oral Health!

Free Gum Lift® Consultation:

I will look at your gum recession and talk to you about what you can expect with the Gum Lift procedure. At this time, we can also discuss whether or not you are a candidate for this receding gums treatment.

Free Gum Lift Consultation Dr. Peter S.Young

The Procedure & Results

Same-day results! The entire procedure can be done in about 1 hour. You will notice a dramatic difference in your gums immediately after we finish. We can reverse receding gums. All of this without a graft or stitches.

without a graft or stitches Dr. Peter S.Young

Easy Recovery

Recovery is very straightforward, and you can go back to work the same day. In addition, most patients only take one Advil the day of the treatment. We will review post- procedure care with you.

smiling girl Easy Recovery Dr. Peter S.Young

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