Mercury-Free Dentistry

Pasadena dentistry patient had an amalgam filling removal and then white fillings added in Arcadia.
Mercury has a long history of use in different medical fields, including dentistry. Relatively recently, however, mercury’s toxic side effects on human health have been discovered.

At Smiles of Arcadia Dentistry, you don’t have to worry about mercury being a part of your procedure. We are proud to offer mercury-free dentistry and a safer, healthier experience for our customer.

What Mercury-Free Dentistry Means

Historically, many dentists have used silver and amalgam fillings for their clients. The problems then came from the trace amounts of mercury that were often found in these fillings. In some cases, this mercury made its way from the patient’s tooth into their bloodstream, causing significant health problems.

We do not use even trace amounts of mercury in our fillings. Your safety is our first priority, and just one of the ways we put your health first is by not using amalgam fillings in our procedures.
Arcadia mercury free dentist Dr. Peter S. Young offers amalgam filling removals to Monrovia, CA patients.

Why It Matters

The health problems resulting from mercury poisoning can be serious. Mercury in the bloodstream can lead to neurological disorders, a compromised immune system, cardiovascular issues, and even food allergies.

All of these risks can be avoided by using mercury-free dentistry. You can feel secure in your safe, mercury-free treatment here with Smiles of Arcadia.

Amalgam Filling Removal

If you have had amalgam fillings in the past and are worried about their potential mercury content, come into our offices. We offer amalgam filling removal with vapor vacuum technology, meaning a safe removal process for both you and your dentist.

Our Dentairvac will keep the air clear of any airborne toxins during your amalgam removal procedure. You can experience a safe, secure amalgam removal process, with greater peace of mind afterward.

White Fillings

Where silver and amalgam fillings are clearly visible, our mercury-free white fillings mean no one will know you’ve had a filling at all! We can match the color of your filling to the color of your teeth, all while using safe, mercury-free materials.

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