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What are Fastbraces®?

They are the faster, safer and more affordable way to straighten teeth for children and adults.

Fastbraces® work on a different mechanical principle than traditional braces. Employing highly flexible wires and triangular brackets, Fastbraces® re-align the root and crown of the tooth simultaneously.

Tested over the past 20 years, with numerous global scientific research studies, Fastbraces® have only recently become available to the general public. Dr. Young is the only dentist in Arcadia currently authorized to provide the Fastbraces® technology.

Because Fastbraces® work so quickly, patients need fewer appointments, meaning less time away from work or school.

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The Many Benefits of Fastbraces®

In addition to working differently from traditional orthodontics and necessitating fewer appointments, there are many Fastbraces® benefits.

Straight Teeth Sooner than Ever | You know that Fastbraces® are fast, but how fast? Treatment time can be as little as several weeks. Treatments range from weeks to months–you can forget about wearing orthodontics for years of your life!
Tried and Tested | Fastbraces® have proven to be safe over the past 25 years. There have been thousands of successful treatments with these incredible orthodontics.
Amazingly Affordable | Although Fastbraces® are advanced and amazing orthodontics, they are still affordable. Come talk with us more about the cost range of your perfect straight teeth.
Endless Options | Fastbraces® orthodontics have more to offer than just standard metal brackets. They also provide a more subtle Ceramic Clear option, and for those patients who are in a huge hurry to see their straight teeth, they provide a Turbo option as well.

With Fastbraces®, you can skip the wait for attractive, functional, and straight teeth. Want to learn more about the ways that Fastbraces® can change your life? Call our dentist in Arcadia, or watch our video, and then call us to schedule your appointment today.

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