Dental Implants


Replace a single tooth or multiple teeth.

Considering Dental Implants? Don’t pay $4,000-$5,000 when you can get this package deal.

Why Trim Down Your Natural Teeth When You Can Place a Permanent Implant That Can Last a Lifetime

A better longer lasting option is to place one implant and so you can chew again without damaging your other teeth.
Claim My $3,885 Dental Implant Package, including implant, abutment, crown, CT Scan and Surgical Guide. Regular $5,477

Never Fear Loosing A Tooth, Not Being Able To Eat, And Being Uncomfortable When You Want To SMILE!

Free Dental Implant Consultation

Come meet with me to select where you want your tooth, the color you want, and the shape you desire. If you currently need a tooth out, then we can discuss that too. (place a pic of you in the office here)

Patient receiving an implant dentistry consultation in Arcadia.

What is an Implant?

See the natural tooth on the left vs. the dental implant on the right. Implants are the most similar to natural teeth. They have a titanium root, an upper connector called an abutment, and the visible white portion called a crown.

Close up photo of a tooth implant cross section.

Is there any Pain?

(Getting a dental implant doesn’t require any drilling, the implant is placed in the jaw bone which does not have any pain nerves. This makes it so implants have very minimal pain and easier recovery than most other dental procedures. (place a pic of you chair-side here)

Monrovia, CA patient is thrilled with the results of her teeth implants.

CLICK HERE to watch informative videos about Dental Implants.

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