CEREC (Same Day) Porcelain Crowns

The Newest 3D Technology That Can Do Porcelain Crowns, Inlays, Onlays, And Veneers In One Visit

1. We Take an Image

2. We Design Your Tooth

3. Print Your Tooth

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Here’s Exactly How This Process Works. We Use A Special Computerized Tooth Creation Technology Called The CEREC.

We use a camera instead of messy impressions

After we prepare your tooth, we use this ultra precise camera that takes a digital image of your tooth. This eliminates the need for messy putty and impression materials that most people hate. This image takes into account of exactly how your tooth should look, and how your bite should feel. The image is then uploaded to a computer that’s specific for designing your teeth.

3-D Printer Mills Your Tooth in Less Than 12 minutes While You Wait

Two specialized diamond burs or points actually mill the tooth that we designed from a block of solid porcelain while you wait. This milling is done fully outside of your mouth and in our office. So we don’t have to send anything to a dental lab, because the 3-D Tooth printer literally “prints out” your tooth in less than 12 minutes. Note- you can choose the color of porcelain that you want your tooth to be milled from. We have full control of this entire process.

We cement in your new permanent tooth, and your set to go!

No temporaries, and no second appointment! Of course, you can schedule one with us to come get things checked out, but you won’t need one because you won’t have a temporary! You’ll leave with your permanent crown, inlay, or veneer…whatever you got done.

CLICK HERE to watch informative videos about Dental Crowns.

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