Botox in Dentistry


Botox in Dentistry and Dermal Fillers


Treatment of Headaches, Migraines and TMJ pain.

Did you know that trained dentists can use Botulinum Toxin (Trade names: Botox or Xeomin) to improve your daily comfort and migraines? Botulinum Toxin is approved by FDA and frequently utilized for more than cosmetic purposes. It can be used for treating muscular related headaches and TMJ pain.

Dr. Young can reduce the symptoms that stem from TMD and bruxism with Botox/Xeomin. We are proud to provide this service, Botox in dentistry, to all our patients who are seeking a lasting solution from discomfort and constant pain.

What are TMD and Bruxism?

TMD, or TMJ disorder, is an inflammation of the temporomandibular joint. This is the joint that attaches the lower jaw to the rest of the skull, and when it becomes affected, it can cause pain, headaches, and jawbone clicking. Bruxism is a condition caused by daytime or nighttime tooth grinding that puts strain on the muscles, resulting in facial or neck pain. In as much as 85% of the headaches, TMD’s and migraines are caused by strained muscles. If you are experiencing any symptomatic pain in the head or neck area, you should see Dr. Young to discuss the possibility of TMD or bruxism. These common disorders affect millions of Americans and they can be disabling when they are not treated correctly.

Botox in DentistrySoothe Jaw and Facial Pain

We have encountered many patients who have suffered for years with tired, achy jaws or frustrating facial pain. Some of these patients have sought help from specialists hoping to find the ideal escape from their daily headaches, migraine or muscular pain.

The best solution might be simpler than you think, and it’s waiting for you right here in our office. Because of Botox in dentistry, Dr. Young has successfully relieved many patients’ migraine and TMD with Botox/Xeomin treatment, trigger point therapy and night guards.

Botox/Xeomin allows the muscles around the jaw to relax. These innovative and minimally invasive treatments can take much stress off of your tired muscles, allowing them to rebuild and resume proper function.

Your Botox/Xeomin treatment will be brief and comfortable. The results can last for three months or more. In many cases, combination treatments such as chiropractic, physical therapy, message therapy, muscle relaxants and night guards are necessary to reduce or relieve the chronic orofacial/TMJ pains. The first step is to have a full examination and assessment of your condition. From there, Dr. Young will be able to put together a treatment plan to begin to resolve your problem. Many patients find long term relief from the debilitating painful conditions with as little as 1 to 2 treatments of Botox/Xeomin.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers are commonly used to enhance the facial and lip features to compliment Botox/Xeomin therapy and the beautiful cosmetic dentistry our patients receive. The results of dermal fillers will last about 3-6 month Other possible treatments with dermal fillers are gummy smiles, receding gums, loose dentures and cracked corners of the mouth.

To learn more about the benefits of Botox/Xeomin and Dermal Fillers, give our office a call today for a complimentary 15-minute visit with Dr. Peter Young.






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