Did Your Dentist Recommend Gum Surgery? FDA Cleared Laser For Soft Tissue Treatment. Avoid The Painful Cutting And Stitching Of Gum Surgery

Introducing The All Tissue Laster – Waterlase IPLUS 2.0

Waterlase iPlus 2.0 is an all tissue dental laser that is able to treat cavity, infected gums and bone by removing disease and inflammation without hurting healthy gum tissue

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A Non-Invasive Laser Approach To Curing Gum Disease And Getting Your Gums Healthy Without Surgery

Free Waterlase Consultation

I’m a Waterlase certified dentist since 2002. Let’s sit down and talk about your teeth and gums. You’ll get some xrays, a full exam, and I can evaluate how we can use the Waterlase so you can avoid painful gum surgery.

How does Waterlase Do?

The Waterlase iplus 2.0 uses a special wavelength that only targets the areas of your gums that are diseased, but removes bacteria without harming healthy tissue. It kills the bad bacteria and then promotes healing through it’s laser light effect on the tissues around it.

Is There Any Pain?

Because this procedure uses just a laser and there’s no blade or cutting there is very minimal discomfort if anything. Usually just mild soreness and a temporary color change in the gums.