Accelerated Orthodontics

Accelerate Your Orthodontic Treatment in Arcadia

our Arcadia dentist can help you with accelerated orthodontics

Dr. Young is proud to provide his patients with accelerated orthodontics, which is a treatment that outshines traditional orthodontics. We know that you want beautiful teeth straightening results with minimal treatment time, and we make that compromise possible with our Propel orthodontics technology!

Introducing PROPEL Orthodontics and VPro5

You can see your stunningly straight smile faster than ever with our advanced acceleration system. Propel orthodontics can be used for patients who are using either Clear Aligner or traditional metal braces.

our Pasadena dentist can help you with accelerated orthodonticsPropel has been proven to shorten treatment time for orthodontic patients by up to 50%! Most patients are able to complete their teeth straightening treatment time in less than one year.

The Propel acceleration process can be administered right here in our office. After treatment, patients notice very little discomfort, and they are able to immediately return to their daily tasks.

VPro5 is another Propel option for speedy orthodontic treatment. This is a supplemental tool that can be used at home by the patient. VPro5 only requires brief 5-minute treatment sessions, and the device is easy to wear and clean.

Accelerated Orthodontics: Does Orthodontic Acceleration Really Work?

our Monrovia dentist can help you with propel orthodonticsPropel incorporates a sterile and disposable device that stimulates the bone and surrounding structures of the tooth. This in-office treatment method produces vibrations that guarantee faster and more predictable tooth movement.

The VPro5 is designed to check for the optimal function of your aligners in the comfort of your own home. This device includes a soft mouthpiece and a rechargeable oscillator. The patient will use the VPro5 at home to fully engage their aligners, ensuring full seating and maximum function.

our Arcadia dentist can help you with propel orthodonticsThere are many patients who want to achieve flawless smiles, but they do not want to dedicate years to inconvenient or unattractive orthodontic treatment. Propel technology is a great option for these patients who want to enjoy teeth straightening made easy!

Start Teeth Straightening with Accelerated Orthodontics in Arcadia!

If you are considering orthodontic treatment or if you are already wearing orthodontics, come talk with Arcadia dentist Dr. Young about enhancing your experience with Propel acceleration. You can schedule your consultation by calling our office today.